The contract of sale obliges the seller to transfer to the buyer the ownership of a possession or right for a price which the buyer undertakes to pay.

In case you don’t have enough time to spend on selling/buying a property or you are worried that you don’t have enough legal knowledge and you want to buy a property, you can always ask a lawyer for assistance.

The participation of a lawyer in the transaction guarantees legal certainty that the client’s interest will be protected because the ownership of the property will be verified and the correct paperwork will be drawn up.

How we can assist?

  1. To advise the client in connection with the purchase/sale of a property
  2. To represent the client before the institutions in connection with the procurement of all documents required by law to conclude the transaction, including

2.1.    Sketch/schematic of the property

2.2.     Property description – for agricultural land

2.3.    Tax assessment

2.4.    Certificate of encumbrances

2.5      Certificate of heirs

  1. To negotiate with the seller/buyer and broker the terms of the future deal and the preparation of a preliminary contract for the purchase of the property
  2. If our client is a BUYER – to carry out a full investigation of the property, including

4.1.    Verification of the ownership of the property

4.2.     Checking for encumbrances

4.3.    Checking for other liabilities

  1. Preparation/verification of the deed of sale of the property
  2. Representation before a notary at the execution of the transaction to protect the client’s interest

If you are about to sell or buy a property, contact us for assistance!